Isolight Color Light Meter System

Isolight Color Light Meter System
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  • Item #: LMS002-00

Isolight Color Light Metering System

The Isolight Color light meter system safely holds your test charts while four sensors measure illumination brightness, color, and uniformity.  A large backlit LCD screen displays all important readings so you never need to write down lighting conditions.  A 100 LED chaser allows you to measure integration time, frame rate, and other timing parameters.

A multi-color LED ring around each light sensor indicates whether each sensors' light level is too high, too low, or within user-settable target level and tolerances.  Four preset buttons allow you to quickly save and recall settings for changing quickly between different testing conditions or criteria.

The Isolight Color is designed to hold a standard Color Checker test chart.  It can also securely hold other test charts, both larger and smaller.  It can be powered by six AAA batteries, over USB, or by a DC power adapter.  The USB port also allows remote operation for automated data acquisition and remote control.

What's included:

  • Isolight Color light metering system
  • Hard-shell zippered storage case
  • USB cable - 3m long
  • AC-DC power adpater (90-240VAC input).  Select between North American and international options below.
  • User manual

Product Options:

  • Internal magnets - Magnets enable mounting on steel light-booth walls, but may corrupt computer hard drives and other magneting media
  • AC Power Adapter - North America-only AC power adapter or international power adpater with interchangeable wall plug adapters.  The international adapter is useful if you travel or live outside North America

Test charts not included.

Delivery lead time is 6 to 8 weeks.

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